About the artist

Photography by K. Knox

As long as I can remember I have been studying light and images. One of my earliest memories was sitting with my grandmother going through a box of old photos. She would tell me all details of what she remembered about the pictures. These were her prized possessions. What struck me from a very young age was how powerful photography could be. I spent a lot of time with film cameras after that. My dad gave me one of his old cameras when I was a teen. A Pentax ZX-50 was my prized possession through late teens and early adulthood. I can say I knew a fair amount of the mechanics of a camera even then. I remembered how much I loved developing images in the darkroom of photography class in school. I loved learning about how the feeling of the image was changed by changing the contrast, color isolation and sepia tone. Before the cell phone we had film cameras and Polaroids. I remember enjoying how quickly the Polaroid camera would develop the image. Ultimately giving technology a new “instant” gratification. I was hooked. It there was a shutter “bug” I had caught it with certainty. I can’t believe how technology has changed the landscape of the photography profession. One thing remains the same. A true artist is a story teller with their pictures, and those who seek to invoke emotion in the viewer that creates connection and shared humanity. I lend my eyes to chasing light like a child chasing butterflies. Hoping to document just some of the beauty made by our creator. This is my lifetime project. I hope you enjoy!

“It is through art that human beings have found the real meaning of beauty and they are able to make it a reality in their lives as well.”

Atb Knox (All Things Beautiful Photography)